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The Best Birthday (& Christmas) Gifts that Should be on Everyone's List

Last week was my birthday. It started like any other day until I realized this year would be a little different. I really wasn't expecting anything special. In fact, I ordered meal delivery to make sure we had dinner tackled.

This is not a fairytale story from the beginning. You see, last year, my family forgot my birthday. My daughter brought home a loaf cake from Trader Joe's, which was special, however the moment was dampened when my husband came home from work after dinner wondering why we would have cake in the house. No presents, no gifts, no cards.

This year, my birthday became a magnificent redo from last year. My husband had all three kids in the kitchen prepping an amazing dinner. With that, my first magical moment of the day was taking a nap since banished from the kitchen. Yes, a nap. No guilt, just napping.

Precious Gift #1: Guilt-free nap time

Dinner itself was amazing. Fresh potato and leek soup complemented some poached salmon. My daughter baked fresh...

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